Minutes – Annual Meeting 12/10/2018

Call to order by president at 7 PM

All current board members present

Approximately 30 general members present

First item of business was a brief statement by each candidate for the board.

President’s Report

Ron announced that after careful review of our finances and the upcoming expenses it was voted by the board to increase the annual dues by $50 to $400. This will appear on the bill to members sent in May.

After much discussion it was agreed by the board at our last meeting to clarify the rules on use of the facilities by non-members. Any group using a paid instructor must be limited to members only. This applies in particular to the Aqua Aerobics and the Yoga classes.

There will be no charges for members rentals unless they invite guests who qualify for Rec Club membership.

Treasurer’s Report

Linda presented balances which show our long term reserves dipping below $20,000. She considers $20,000 a minimum to allow us to make necessary emergency repairs.

Unfortunately over the last three years we have been spending annually approximately $10,000 to $20,00 more than our income. This is driven by the many repairs and improvements made to clubhouse pool area and pickle ball courts.

Secretary’s Report

We have six memberships for sale. Expect them to sell over the winter as house buying in Coyote Lakes increases.

Membership has been holding steady at about 210 members.

Club Rental

There were 22 club rentals this year yielding an income of about $2000.

Bill explained latest revisions to rental agreement. There will be no charge for Rec Center use by members unless they want a private party with exclusive use of the Rec Center or wish to invite Coyote Lakes community residents that are not members to their event. Rental rate for non-members will be increased to better reflect the market rate. All renters will be expected to leave the club house in good order, cleaning up all trash and if necessary sweeping or mopping floor.  If not found in good order a cleaning charge will be assessed the renter.

Entertainment Committee

Great success with Christmas Party. Everyone happy with catering. Had 88 members and guests. Had net income from 50/50 and raffle of $1061. This will go toward future parties.

A party will be scheduled for every month in winter and spring. Check emails, postings at club and web site for dates and details.


This year many improvements have been made to our facilities. We have new pergolas at pool area, new kitchen, new flooring in clubhouse, new A/C and new pickleball courts.

Issue of redoing pool continues. Latest is that county officials will let us continue our use for next year, with monitoring of surface. Still need to plan for resurfacing at cost of approximately $20,000..

The poor condition of our parking lot surface points to it needing attention. Hopefully a recoating will be sufficient, not complete asphalt replacement. This needs to be considered in future spending plans.

Member asked about our proposal last year to install electronic locks on all gates and club house entrances. These would use cards as keys (similar to many hotels today). The cost would run $15,000 to $20,000, so putting off for now..

Member asked if exterior lighting could be provided at east entrance to club house. Will be pursued by maintenance committee.

Results of elections

New board members elected are:

Dick Hoffman

Mary Bolender

Kerry Bernard

Question was raised about golfers parking in our lot. So far it has been allowed, as does not appear to conflict with our use of facilities.

No further business required the meeting was adjourned at about 8 PM.

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