Board Members - We're here to serve you!

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

Ron Richey


Hi, I’m Ron Richey, President of the board of directors.

Contact me at: 360-907-6630 or

Ron Whipple


Hello, I am Ron Whipple.  Vice president.

I can be reached at: or 602-571-3453.

Rod Alt


I am the Treasurer.

Contact me at: 602-708-2126 or

Mary Bolender


Hi, I’m Mary - and I'm the secretary.

Contact me at: 405-698-7580 or


Richard Hoffman


I'm in charge of club maintenance.

My contact info: 717-979-8285

Bill Ross

Hi,  I’m Bill Ross.  I’m in charge of rentals , calendar and the web site.

My contact info is:   303-662-1673

Kerry Bernard


Hi, I’m Kerry Bernard.  I am in charge of key issues.

Contact me at: 313-622-9099 or

Moinca Hall


Hi, I’m Monica Hall.  I am chairman of the Entertainment Committee.

Contact me at: 313-407-8151 or

Marty Reinhart


Hi, I’m Marty Reinhart.

Contact me at: 623-326-8938 or