History of the Rec Center


In early 2001, American Golf who owned the golf course along with the building, pool, and tennis courts offered the property to the Coyote Lakes Home Owners Association for $200,000.  The HOA voted on this proposal at the annual meeting in February, 2001 and it was voted down.

A committee headed up by Jim Cain approached American Golf about purchasing the property.  It appeared that if the committee could raise the money, the property could be obtained.  Some of the committee members were: Dwight Patton, Harold Jones, Dan Widner, Kerry Armstrong, Rod Smarr, Jim Cherry, and Rod Alt.

The committee applied to the Arizona Corporation Commission to get a certificate for a non-profit corporation.  Once the committee got approval, they started selling memberships.

On January 17, 2002, the committee submitted a written offer to American Golf for purchase of the property.  After several months of negotiating, the deal was final and the keys to the property were handed over to club on August 23, 2002.

By Rod Alt

founding member

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