Minutes from Annual Meeting – December 4, 2017

Board Members Present:
Ron Richey, President
Rod Alt, Vice President
Linda White, Treasurer
Chuck Gerke, Secretary
Vicki Way
Marty Reinhart
Ron Whipple
Bill Ross
Richard Hoffman

There were six other members in attendance.

Ron opened meeting at 4 PM

President’s Report
Ron had received a letter from several members protesting the use of email for voting. The question was raised as to whether the club by-laws allow email voting. Rod Alt agreed to look into possible revision of the by-laws to allow greater use of email, in particular for voting.

Treasurer’s Report
Checking Account balance $11,855
Investment balance $60,152
Linda stated that property taxes were due soon and may require moving money from investment into checking.

Secretary’s Report
The club has 214 memberships of which 11 are currently for sale making a total of 203 active members. This makes our one-third quorum requirement for voting 68.

Club Rental Report
Bill stated we are having problems with poor cleanup of the club after parties. Will withhold from deposits amount needed to hire cleaning. Need to keep cleaning service abreast of party schedule.
One rental is scheduled for December and a couple of in January.

Entertainment Committee
Vicki commented on the good attendance at recent potlucks. All tickets have been sold for Christmas party.
Concern was raised about coordinating kitchen remodeling, scheduled for January, with parties and rentals that month.

Ron reviewed the many projects done this past year:
-Parking lot re-striping and addition of two more handicapped spots
-new timer controls on tennis court lighting
-pool deck replacement
-exterior lighting improvements
-Four new A/C units replacing 20+ year old original ones
-metal fencing repainting

Upcoming projects
– New pergolas on south and east side of pool deck. $12,000 cost will be covered in part by insurance settlement of $6800 for destroyed metal umbrellas.
– Resurfacing of entire pool as required by City of Surprise.
– Remodeling and expansion of clubhouse kitchen

Ron stated with the retirement of Terry Rions from the board, we are in need of someone to head up maintenance. They need not be a board member.

Election Results
Have received 70 votes by either paper ballot or email. This meets our quorum requirement. Rod Alt, Vicki Way and Marty Reinhart have all be reelected to a second three year term.

Linda agreed to have insurance representative come to January board meeting to discuss extent of our liability insurance.

It was agreed to support the use of the club for regular Yoga classes. Classes will be limited to club member only.

Question was raised about having exercise equipment in rec club. Several members stated that it was tried before but cost of equipment, limited space, and need for equipment repairs made it unworkable

Rec Club member commented about loud noise generated by fan in men’s bathroom. All agreed it need replacement.

Board agreed to meet again on January 3 at 4 PM

No further business necessary, Ron closed meeting at 5 PM

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