Minutes From April 16,2018 CLRC Board Mtg

Rec Club Board Meeting
April 16, 2018

Board Members Present
Ron Richey
Rod Alt
Linda White
Chuck Gerke
Bill Ross
Ron Whipple
Richard Hoffman

Members Present (Approximately 30)

Call to Order at 6 PM

President’s Report (Ron Richey)
The club member voting approved the change to the by-laws to clearly allow for email voting.
Based on the reduction in our reserve funds to below $20k the board has approved an increase in the annual dues to $350.
Based on new requirements by the county the pool water quality is being tested by pool cleaner daily. He will also recover pool in winter as necessary.
The kitchen project is completed using entirely funds raised by the entertainment committee at their parties. The floor of the rec club has also been replaced using funds from the committee and the rec club reserve fund.

Treasurer’s Report (Linda White)
Checking account has $5.5k and the entertainment committee $3.6k
There is about $19k in investments (the reserve fund)
Bills for annual dues have gone out and are due by July.

Secretary’s Report (Chuck Gerke)
There have been 9 new memberships purchased since the start of this year. This has helped clear a large backlog of memberships for sale. There are currently only two memberships for sale.
The secretary needs to get a formal letter from any member putting their membership up for sale. We had a confusing case last year where the owner sold his house and the buyer thought he had received the membership in transfer, but the seller claims he wanted to sell it instead.

Club Rentals (Bill Ross)
There are 2 rentals coming up. There have been 8 so far this year.

Entertainment Committee (Monica Hall)
Had 59 tickets sold for Western Night at $10 each. $215 in 50/50, cost of music $300 so had net gain of $405 from party.

Maintenance Report (Richard Hoffman)
Pool surface has gotten rough and will need resurfacing. Have gotten letter from the county on this but not considered urgent. Will try to wait to next year when we have more funds.

Old Business
Pickle Ball court upgrade is still hot issue. Bill Ross has found company that will do it for $7000. We need to put up half to get on their schedule. Can only do in cool weather. The board agreed to go ahead with the pickle ball court upgrade. This will give us 4 dedicated courts with only stripping for pickle ball. A member has agreed to pay $1000 for purchase of nets.

Ron Richey reviewed the two sheet rules which are sent to all new members. They will be posted on website. All guests need to be non-residents of Coyote Lakes and be accompanied by member. Members can NOT loan out their keys.

Bill brought up idea of switching to electronic keys. Would bring much better control over key use. Need to look into cost.

Trash Dumpster is not for general use by community. Have had problems recently with extra trash in it resulting in an extra fee to us from trash collector. Suggestion was made to have security cameras to monitor activity around dumpster and pool gate. Bill will look into this.

Next Meeting will be scheduled for October 2018

Comments by Club Members
– Appreciate 6 PM meeting time. They work and can’t make 4 PM
– Need to not prop open gate. If we see it propped open to remove object and mention to users not to do that. It is a violation of pool safety and can result in the county closing down the pool!!
– Need to better track owners who rent out houses.
– Like idea of ID/key cards.
– Idea of having guests sign log. They do it now at pickle ball.
– Idea of having hot tub. Linda stated liability insurance cost is prohibitive.
– Discoloration starting on pool deck. May need cleaning.
– Buzzer needed on pool gate which sounds if held open.

No further questions/comments meeting ended at 6:55 PM

Chuck Gerke
Club Secretary

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