Special CLRC Board Meeting – 10/30/2017

Coyote Lakes Recreation Club
Board of Directors
Special Meeting
October 30, 2017

This special meeting is being held for the purpose of discussing and possibly taking action on a replacement for the destroyed umbrellas on the pool patio decking.

Board members Present:
Ron Richey
Rod Alt
Linda White
Chuck Gerke
Marty Reinhart
Terry Rions
Bill Ross

Also present:
Jim Blanton
Tom Ewings (AZ Patio Covers)

Approximately 30 Rec Club Members

Ron opened meeting at 4 PM, explaining how the sole topic of this meeting was the replacement of the pool deck umbrellas
Terry introduced Tom Ewings who explained a proposal by his company to provide two 12ft by 22 ft cantilevered pergolas. These would be mounted on posts just off the pool deck and cover the entire deck area to the edge of the pool, providing excellent shade for those areas. Terry explained that one would be mounted on the south side of the pool just west of the main entry way into the pool area. The second would be mounted on the east side of the pool area.

Tom discussed the types of aluminum structure material his company uses; Classic and Ultra. The Ultra is more durable but more expensive. He stated that the pergolas would have a slatted roof and be capable of withstanding winds up to 120 mph. The posts would be of 3″ diameter steel and surrounded by a decorative aluminum “wrap”.

The total estimated cost is $11,700 for the Classic and $12,700 for the Ultra.

Terry explained that we have received approximately $7000 from our insurance company for the destroyed umbrellas. So the additional expense in purchasing the pergolas would be $4,700 for the Classic and $5,700 for the Ultra

The discussion was opened to the floor so all interested members could comment. It seemed the general consensus was in favor of the pergolas and that the additional $1000 for the Ultra worthwhile.

Ron called for a vote of the board members, and the vote was unanimous in favor of purchasing the Ultra pergolas. (Since the cost would be less than the $10,000 limit no general vote of the membership is required .)

A the end of the meeting Ron announced that Terry would be resigning from the board. Rod Alt proposed that Richard Hoffman replace Terry for the duration of his term, and the board agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM

Chuck Gerke
Board Secretary

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