Board of Directors Exec Meeting Minutes – Feb 3, 2021



February 3, 2021


Board Members Present:

Betty Peterson

Jeff McCown

Jim Sherbert

Monica Hall

Linda White

Joe Bohr

Bob Fakkema

Bill Ross

Mary Bolender

Members at Large joining on Zoom



The meeting was called to order by President Bill Ross at 3:00.

Bill began the meeting by noting that the board communicates mainly through emails now and that those who are included on these messages need to acknowledge receipt so we know that they have been received.


Previous Business:

The new dumpster contract has been signed.  Bob believes the new contract will save the club approximately $3,000 per year.


The new pool cover has arrived and fits well.  The roller system and clutch have been repaired and all is working well.  The tarp for the pool cover is also purchased and ready.  Joe mentioned that the pool cover is being left off this month to track the difference in pool heating costs when the cover is used and when it is not.

There was discussion about how the pol cover system was broken originally and how to prevent a similar situation.  These included training volunteers, restricting key access and possibly re-keying.  It was decided to hold a special meeting Wednesday, February 10th at 3:00 to look over the pool area and decide the best way to proceed.  The meeting will also include an examination of the pickle ball courts to view the cracks developing in the surface.

The recreation center now has internet and the password will be posted in the club and will be on the website.  Cameras are being installed and will tie into the security system that the club has purchased.


The No Overnight Parking signs are up in the parking lot.  Bob used the poles that were already there and saved the expense of purchasing new poles.


The Rental Agreements used for both members and guests have been updated and now include the Covid rules.  Each agreement is now a single PDF.


The Covid regulations have been posted on every door of the recreation center and on the gates to the pool and pickle ball/ tennis courts.  The club is hoping to be compliant with all the city and county rules.


There is no estimate on the roof repair yet.


Board Reports:

There were no changes in the membership totals.  Linda moved that the minutes from the January 6th meeting be accepted and Bill seconded the motion.  The minutes were accepted.


Monica provided a copy of the proposed events for 2021.  Most of these were listed in 2020 but could not be done due to COVID.  The board will revisit these monthly and determine when we can start having these events as well as adding any other events that the club might enjoy.


Joe has been busy doing minor but necessary repairs around the clubhouse.  Both Bob and Jim have volunteered to help Joe when he needs it.


Jeff has been making new badges as needed and handing them out.  He has the keys sorted and organized.  He will get a couple of cost estimates of re-keying the club, roughly 220 keys.


Today the board did an early dive into the budget.  The club is not growing and this makes it difficult to raise the money for larger scale improvements and additions.  We need to make membership more attractive to non -members in the hope that they will join.

New Business:

The pickle ball courts are getting increasingly more popular with the members.  The courts, however, have cracks that have developed in the 3 years since they were resurfaced.  Jim has found a product that may work to repair the cracks.  He will apply it to a test area of the court to see if it can improve the surface of the courts.

Linda described the process that the pickle ball players have implemented to stay Covid compliant and never have more than 16 people inside the courts at the same time.

This led to a discussion of the club’s liability risk for the members and their guests using the club.  Linda will speak to the insurance agent to clarify our responsibility.  It is hoped that adding a disclaimer saying that members play at their own risk will suffice.


The pickle ball court, the exercise class and the swimming pool will now have sign in sheets so that Covid tracing can be done if needed.  Linda will prepare the sheet for pickle ball and Monica and Betty will do the sheets for the pool and exercise class.


A discussion of changing from keys to an automatic access system led to a suggestion the we do a USE study to determine if change is warranted.  The same would be done with the pool.  A comment was made that a keypad number would be harder to keep secure than a key.


Possible improvements to the club including exercise machines and bocce courts were discussed.  It was decided to create a survey through Survey Monkey to determine the amount of interest among the owners for the various suggestions and proceed from there to determine which would be used more.  The survey  questions will be drafted by Monica, Betty and Jim.


Monica recommended that we talk to a solar company regarding putting solar panels on the club roof and heating the pool through that source.  The company will present their proposal on February 17th at 2:30.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:00.




Summary of Upcoming Meetings:

Pool and Pickle ball discussion- Wednesday, Feb 10th at 3:00 at the pool.

Solar Panel Presentation- Wednesday, Feb 17th at 2:30 at the pool.

Our next board meeting via ZOOM will be Wednesday, March 3rd at 3:00.



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender