Minutes – Board Meeting 4/8/2019



April 8, 2019


Board Members Present:

Ron Richey

Rod Alt

Monica Hall

Richard Hoffman

Bill Ross

Kerry Bernard

Mary Bolender


8 Other Club Members


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM


President’s Report:

Ron reported that the clubs (Yoga, Poker and Pickleball) need to do a better job of policing themselves regarding non -member participation.  Bill will include a note in the next newsletter regarding this.


Treasurer’s Report:

The club is currently holding a cash balance of $39, 496.76.  $19,435.05 is held in the Chase account and $20,061.67 in the investment account.

The membership billing for the new fiscal year will be mailed out May 1st via email.

The taxes for the last fiscal year are currently at the accountant’s.

Rod mentioned the need for the long-term improvements to be listed and prioritized for 2019/2020.  The top priority needs to be the pool repairs.  In addition, there is a need for more lounge chairs for the pool area and a motion light at the east end of the club house.


Secretary’s Report:

The current total of members was given as 211.  Mary passed out the list of memberships for sale (6) but two more memberships were brought  by board members so the total for sale is now 8.


I/T Club Rentals

There is currently 1 rental booked for 2020 by a member.  There are no outside rentals booked at this time.



Monica reported on the three pot lucks held since the last board meeting.  January’s pot luck was a soup and stew dinner.  There were 80 guests in attendance.  The 50/50 generated $215 and the payout was made after the drawing.  Net income from the night was $82.

February’s theme was a 50’s dance.  Entertainment was provided and 56 guests participated.  The 50/50 raffle generated $185 and payout was made.  There was a net profit of $218.57.

March was the St. Patrick’s Celebration and was attended by 73 guests.  There was live entertainment and a 50/50 which brought in $165 and remuneration was made.  The evening netted $569.70.

April’s theme will be Caribbean Nights.


There was a question regarding why the numbers at the pot lucks seem to be smaller than they were in years past.  The nights are well advertised but the consensus is that we need to reach out to new members more and explain that these are for everyone and not just couples.  There was a discussion about using other internet-based media like Facebook but that was not supported.  We may add pictures of the events to the newsletter in the future.



Richard began his report with a review of the many deferred maintenance projects facing the club.  The first and largest project mentioned was the need to repair the pool.  This was expected to cost approximately $24,000.  It was agreed that the club should go forward with this as soon as possible.

The buildings and area around the pool are in need of painting and some repair.  The columns at the entrance to the club house are beginning to rot and the plates holding the wood beams need to be replaced.  Ron believes this is something that a few of the members can do.  Richard got a quote on the painting from 1st Choice Painting totaling $14,100.

There is a short in the pool lights that needs to be repaired and is estimated to cost around $2,000.  The LED bulbs around the court also need to be replaced for about $750 and Richard was instructed to proceed with their replacement.

We discussed lights for the horse shoe pit and the shuffleboard and it was decided to table it for later.



There is still a problem with the way chairs are being stacked in the pool table area.  Bill will print out signs indicating where they should be stacked so that they do not interfere with those members trying to play pool.

There is no place designated as a Lost and Found area.  A member will donate a plastic bin and Bill will print out a sign labeling it Lost and Found.  It will be placed in the kitchen.

There was a complaint from a member that the man hired to spray for bugs had been rude to members.  It was agreed among those present who use his service that this is not his normal behavior so we will monitor for any additional complaints before taking action.

It was suggested that the annual budget be posted on the website so that the members can see how the club finances are allocated and which projects have the highest priority.  This was approved.


New Business:

A request has been made by a member that we look into the purchase of a lift for the pool so that members who have difficulty moving can still have access to the pool.  It was noted that there are others who would also benefit from the addition of a lift .  Kerry will investigate lift rules and regulations.  Ron Whipple has been tasked to get a bid on this addition.  During this discussion it was also brought up that the pool seems to be colder than desired.  It may be a problem with the thermostat or that the heater is turned off too early in the spring.  The thermostat will be checked during the pool repair.


The board discussed ways to get new members into the club.  Rod moved and Ron seconded a motion to include an open house for prospective members November 2nd before the annual Welcome Back party.  The prospective members could then attend the party if they wish.  It passed unanimously.


Bill did research on ways to control access to the club.  Key cards were much too expensive, but Bill passed around name tags that he had made for each board member that could be done very reasonably.  They would include household member names and whatever additional information the board decides to include.  There were suggestions on how the badges could be updated to reflect that the badges were active for that particular year and Bill is asking for member suggestions regarding the format.  The board agreed that this was an inexpensive but good way to control access and will go forward with the idea.


Bill passed out a proposal to begin a Friends and Family pass.  This would allow non owners to temporarily buy in to the club’s facilities for a predetermined time and could only be used if a member sponsored them.  There were some points in the proposal that were unacceptable to some of the board.  The proposal was tabled at this time.  Bill will address the members’ concerns and send out a further proposal.


The next meeting will be held in November with the date yet to be determined.


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender


3 thoughts on “Minutes – Board Meeting 4/8/2019”

  1. Please keep the pool private. Guests should only be there with the member. Too many owners are giving renters pool keys & they get passed around to even more guests. Owners are renting out their homes weekly & a large influx of non members have been at the pool, especially during spring break & baseball season. They do not take pride in the property & should not be there without the owner. Private rec facilities should remain private. No friends & family memberships!

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      Go to your bank web site, select pay bills.
      Set up payee as:
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