Board Meeting Minutes – 12/12/2019


                                                BOARD MEETING

                                              December 12, 2019

Board Members Present:

Ron Richey

Ron Whipple

Rod Alt

Monica Hall

Kerry Bernard

Richard Hoffman

Bill Ross

Marty Reinhart

Mary Bolender

24 general members

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

President’s Report:

The changes made to the bylaws were passed by the membership and the updated version will be posted on the website this weekend.  The votes were 106 for the change and 21 against.

The pool will be closed from January 6 through January 16 for major repairs.  The total cost for the repairs is approximately $22,000 with $10,000 already paid.

Treasurer’s Report:

The club is currently holding a cash balance of $64,585.36. $43,534.87 is held in the Chase account and $21,050.49in the investment account. Net income through December 8th was $14,398.10

Secretary’s Report:

There are currently 215  certificates issued.  This includes 11 memberships on the For Sale list, leaving 204 active memberships. There were 18 ownership changes in 2019.  Nine of these were transfers through home sales and the other nine were memberships from the For Sale list.

Entertainment Committee Report:

There have been two parties since this fall.  The first was a Welcome Back party for members and potential members.  The party was hosted by the club and 104 people attended.  Expenses totaled $320.

The Christmas party was attended by 91 people.  A dessert raffle was held for the first time and $330 was raised.  The 50/50 netted another $140 for the club.

The next party will be an Italian pot luck on January 11th.

Monica and her committee have laid out a full list of events planned for the next few months including monthly BYOB parties at the pool where members and guests are invited as well as events highlighting the activities, classes and group gatherings at the club.  The plan is to share these with potential members. Members are asked to volunteer for one or more of these events to act as club representatives.  Please let Monica know if you are interested.  Her number is 313-407-8151.   She also added a statement after the meeting that is included at the end of these notes as an addendum.

The largest fundraiser for the club will occur in conjunction with the Coyote Lakes garage sale on March 21.  Members will be asked to donate items for the garage sale with the profits from these going to the club.  At the same time there will be a “Cookie Walk” where people can buy a basket and fill it with baked goods donated by club members. 

An updated Save the Date list will be going up on the website and there will also be signup sheets in the Rec Club.


The roof repair that was recently completed should last for 5 years and give the club time to plan for long term repairs.

IT/Club Rentals:

There are no upcoming outside club rentals scheduled.

There were some problems with the server being used to send out the club emails so Bill found a new carrier and the emails are going out more smoothly.

New Business:

Elections were held last night and the board members elected were Bill Ross, Joe Bohr and Linda White.  The officers for 2020 will be:

President:  Rod Alt

Vice President:  Kerry Bernard

Secretary:  Mary Bolender

Treasurer:  Linda White

Bob Guy mentioned that there are several chairs that need the leg coasters replaced before they do damage to the new floor.  He has volunteered to do the repair if the club buys the parts.

There was further discussion regarding the adequacy of the outdoor lights and the need to put up ones that illuminate the exits better.  Richard Hoffman has stronger lights but has not been able to get to that project due to a long list of items needing attention.  He stated that he’d be glad of help if people have the expertise.

The last item from the floor concerned the use of club facilities by nonmembers who do not live in Coyote Lakes.  This is an ongoing discussion by the board and will continue to be discussed at further meetings.

The next meeting has not been scheduled.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender


Addendum to the Entertainment Committee Minutes from Monica Hall submitted December 13, 2019:

The question of to include outside guests or not has a dynamic effect on whether we accomplish our efforts to expand some of the activities that are proposed.

In some activities especially when a paid instructor is required; allowing outside Coyote Lakes people to join us “facilitates” that activity to ongoing success.

It is to our own advantage to enlarge participation.  I propose a small ($2.00/$3.00) bump in :Fee For Service” events for Guests (only) that will go to the R/club.  Under the Entertainment umbrella.

Our Club is very divided on this subject.  The topic is best compromised on & agreed on now.

The spirit & growth of our Club depends on it.  As Pat Leigh indicated at the meeting last night “is our Club about the income to the Center or facilitating the fellowship opportunities of the members?”

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