Board Meeting Minutes 12/7/2020

                                    COYOTE LAKES RECREATION CLUB

                                                BOARD MEETING

                                              December 7, 2020

Board Members Present:

Rod Alt

Monica Hall

Linda White

Joe Bohr

Bob Fakkema

Bill Ross

Mary Bolender

President Rod Alt began the meeting by noting that this was the 19th annual meeting of the Coyote Lakes Recreation Club!  He then spoke about the unusual year it has been due to the pandemic and the club’s efforts to follow all the state regulations and keep the membership as safe as possible.  He noted that the events scheduled at the club have had to be cancelled and the ongoing uncertainty of the timing for new events.

Treasurer’s Report:

The club is currently holding a cash balance of $60,553.24. $38,851.66 is held in the Chase account and $21,701.58 in the investment account.  At the end of the billing cycle money from the Chase account will be shifted to the investment account as the club reserves funds for use in the roof repair that will be needed within the next few years. 

Linda checked into the cost of adding Wi-Fi to the cable account.  The cheapest plan would increase the monthly cost from $114 to $204 and would still not include the ability to Zoom meetings.  It was decided to leave the clubhouse without internet at this time.

Secretary’s Report:

There are currently 215 certificates issued.  This includes 10 memberships on the For-Sale list, leaving 205 active memberships. Three of those memberships were placed on the Sale list after the bylaws were changed in 2019 and they are subject to annual dues.

Maintenance Report:

Joe Bohr had three items that he discussed with the board. 

The first item that needs immediate attention is the pool cover that must be either repaired or replaced.  Joe sought bids from 8 businesses and 2 of them responded.  One bid was for $8,600 and the other for $8,200.  One will be chosen soon.

The winch that moves the pool cover also needs to be replaced.  Last time this was done the cost was $1,100 and another $400 was spent to rent a winch while the one to be purchased was being fabricated.  Joe spoke with the man who does maintenance on the pool and he has offered to do the operation manually. 

The third item Joe brought up was weed spraying.  Joe and his brother in law will be spraying the entire property for weeds.

There was also an update on the clubhouse roof.  Last year’s repair is holding up well but a replacement will have to be done in the next few years.  Linda discussed the need to build up the investment account so that the money will be there and ready when needed for this project.

Entertainment Committee:

Monica and her committee planned 11 monthly events for 2020.  The Italian Night Pot Luck dinner in January that was hosted by the club and cost $135; the Roaring 20’s party that generated income of $432.12; the Spring Tea and Fashion show that cleared $444: a March Madness that made $50 for the club; The Labor Day party that was hosted by the club and cost 4233.34. The other events/parties that were planned had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.  These included:

The Rec Center Garage Sale and Cookie Walk

The Spring Fling

The Kentucky Derby

The Vintage Car Show

The Cowboy Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Car/Cart Parade was held but with very small participation.

Th Entertainment Committee purchased and donated to the Rec Center the following:

Extra Large Grill Shields

Table Lanterns with Fairy Lights

Movable umbrellas for pool chairs

Corn Hole Games

Membership Report

Missy reported that we had 4 new memberships sold.  There is still a misconception by some who are purchasing homes in Coyote Lakes that the Rec Club is open to all that live in the development.  Missy has been working with realtors to clear up this confusion.

New Business:

Monica put together information on adding another pool railing to the pool.  It was decided to table the proposal at this time.

The pickleball/ tennis courts are again in disrepair.  The fix done 2 years ago was a short-term fix and the board was aware of that at the time.  The cost to totally redo the courts would be around $25,000.  Bill mentioned an expandable patch that could possibly work in the cracks that have formed.  It will be researched further going forward.

The elections for the board were announced at the meeting.  The new members of the board include:

Monica Hall

Jeff McCown

Betty Peterson

Jim Sherbert

Monica, Jeff and Betty will be serving three-year terms.  Jim’s term is for one year.

The general meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.

A meeting of the board was held immediately after the general meeting to elect officers for 2021.

President:  Bill Ross

Vice President: Bill Fakkema

Secretary: Mary Bolender

Treasurer: Linda White

The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender