Board Meeting Minutes – 2/10/2020

Board Meeting Minutes – 2/10/2020 are now published for your review.

                                    COYOTE LAKES RECREATION CLUB

                                                BOARD MEETING

                                              February 10, 2020

Board Members Present:

Rod Alt

Kerry Bernard

Monica Hall

Linda White

Bill Ross

Joe Bohr

Mary Bolender

7 general members

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Rod Alt

President’s Report:

The pool renovation was completed within budget.

There was a delay of 8 days in the reopening because there was vandalism at the worksite.  Unknown people caused general damage and allowed the water to run into the area.  The contractor fixed the damage at no additional charge to the project.  The water bill will be substantially higher because of the vandals but it has not been received yet so we don’t know how much increase there will be.

Treasurer’s Report:

The club is currently holding a cash balance of $40, 050.53. $18,991 is held in the Chase account and $21,059 in the investment account.  The drop from last month was attributed to the final payment for the pool.

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the December 12th meeting were read and accepted with no additions or modifications.

There are currently 215 certificates issued.  This includes 11 memberships on the For-Sale list, leaving 204 active memberships.

Entertainment Committee Report:

The Italian party of January 11th had 98 people attending including 15 guests. The 50/50 raised $270 and the club’s portion of $135 covered the cost of the event with net income of 0. 

The first monthly BYOB pool party had approximately 50 people in attendance and was well received.  There needs to be a reminder to the members attending that there can be no glass in the pool area and that the gate cannot be propped open during the party as that is a code violation.  There was also talk about the need to clean up the pool area before the event as that is not part of the duties of the pool man.

There was a Roaring 20’s party February 8th with 71 attending.  Tickets were sold and music was provided.  The 50/50 raised $280 with $140 distributed and net income after expenses was $423.

The next party will be March 7th.

There will be a Tea and Fashion Show on February 23rd.  Sign up sheets are available now.

Monica would like to rent a storage pod for the garage sale items that will accumulate before the sale on March 21st.  Rod asked her to get some quotes and it will be discussed further.


The security lighting around the clubhouse has been completely finished. 

The roof has a small area that still needs to be resurfaced and that will be done soon. This should give the club 5 years to prepare for the more extensive repair on the roof.

Pat Lee, a certified sprayer, has volunteered to take over the weed spraying for the club.

Dick Hoffman has resigned as maintenance chair and we wish to thank him for all the hours he has volunteered to maintain the club facilities and oversee the projects done during his tenure.  Joe Bohr has agreed to take over the role.

The next big project will be repair of the wooden beams and painting the clubhouse.  Bob Guy suggested putting aluminum strips on the top of the beams to help repel water.  Joe will be looking into costs of paint and the aluminum sheets.

IT Club Rentals:

There are 2 rentals currently scheduled for the month of February and 2 in March with a potential for an additional 2.

There was an email hitch last month but that has been corrected.  Bill reported that the club should try to limit the number of times that it sends emails to members as it can appear to be SPAM to the servers and sent to Junk Mail.

New Business:

Ideas regarding the best way to streamline communication between the board and members and report maintenance and other issues was discussed.  Rod addressed the need for these to be in writing and brought to the full board and Monica questioned whether that could all be done on the website.  Bill said it probably could but may be labor intensive and more than the club needs.  He will look into adding a tab with a reporting form.

The HOA is using the clubhouse much more frequently than in previous years.  The club has not raised their rental fee since it was first established years ago.  The board will approach the HOA with a new proposal for an increase in rent.

Kerry asked if there were plans to use the undeveloped land near the pool.  He suggested that we try to build a bocce court.  Rod asked him to gather costs and report to the club.

One of the general members mentioned that the pool is much colder than 84 degrees.  Joe will look at that and see if there is a problem with the heater.

There was a request that the club purchase more chaise lounges for the pool area.  More will be purchased as the budget allows.  The club wants to buy commercial grade lounges only.

The next meeting has not been scheduled.

The meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender


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