Board Meeting Minutes 3/9/2020

                                    COYOTE LAKES RECREATION CLUB

                                                BOARD MEETING

                                              March 9, 2020

Board Members Present:

Rod Alt

Kerry Bernard

Monica Hall

Linda White

Marty Reinhart

Joe Bohr

Missy Ellsworth

Mary Bolender

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Rod Alt

Treasurer’s Report:

The club is currently holding a cash balance of $39,029.46. $17,970.44 is held in the Chase account and $21,059.02 in the investment account.  There were no large payments made this month.  Linda looked into the possibility of adding WIFI to our Cox subscription.  The board will revisit this in October as few year-round members will access this.

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the February 10th meeting were read and accepted with no additions or modifications.

There are currently 215 certificates issued.  This includes 10 memberships on the For-Sale list, leaving 205 active memberships. Four new memberships have been sold in 2020.

Membership Report:

Missy reported that there have been 8 memberships that have transferred with the sale of houses within Coyote Lakes.  She has been getting requests from potential new members regarding the club and will give tours to any who are interested.  She explained that realtors outside of the park do not always understand that the Rec Club is separate from Coyote Lakes and she has been monitoring listings that imply that membership is automatic with the purchase of a home here.  Monica suggested that these new owners be invited to one of the Happy Hours at the pool.  The evening’s host can then explain the benefits of membership in the Rec Club.

Bill created a flyer listing what the Rec Club offers. Marty moved that we accept the flyer for use and Missy seconded it.  She will get copies made and will put up a box near the clubhouse where potential members can access the flyers.

Maintenance Report:

Joe received bids for painting the outside of the club.  The bid from Silver Spur was the most comprehensive and included stucco repair and painting of the building and outside walls as well as repair and painting of the outside beams.  The painter recommended that we not put metal strips on the beams but rather caulk them and paint.  The full bid was $7,500.  Kerry moved that we accept the quote and Linda seconded it. It was approved unanimously and Joe will inform the painter.  The next step will to select the colors and obtain approval from the HOA committee.  This led to a discussion regarding when to send out next year’s dues notices.  It was decided to send them in April so that the seasonal members can pay them before they leave for the summer and the club will have an earlier increase in cash flow.

The winch on the pool cover has broken.  Joe will check to see if it is more advisable to repair or replace the part and will proceed accordingly.

Joe checked into the cost of new sealant for the shuffleboard courts.  The cost would be approximately $230-$250 depending on the product.  The board decided that it would be better to look at doing this in the fall since it isn’t used much during the summer months.

Members have asked if the club would be purchasing umbrellas for the tables around the pool.  We will not but will post a note on the website saying members are welcome to bring an umbrella to use while they’re at the pool if they’d like.

Club Rentals:

There was a spirited discussion regarding the difference between a member rental and a commercial rental of the Rec Club.  Lately there have been a couple of rentals that appeared to move into the commercial definition even though they were rented by members.  Suggestions were made to expand the categories to include one that was a member commercial.  At the end of the discussion it was decided to keep the existing categories of $50/ day for members and $175/hour for commercial with the understanding that if there are outside vendors involved the commercial rate would be charged.

The board is continuing to follow up with the idea of raising the rent for the HOA use of the club.  The HOA is using the clubhouse much more frequently than in previous years.  Monica will request  of the HOA that Rod and Bill meet with their President and Vice President to present the Rec Club’s increase proposal.

New Business:

Dick Hoffman has resigned from the board of the Rec Club effective March 5, 2020.  Joe will invite Bob Fakkema, who received the most votes of those who didn’t win the election in December, if he would be interested in completing Dick’s term that runs until December 2021.

The board talked about major expenses to the club that will be coming up within the next 5 years.  These included:

  1.  Painting the clubhouse
  2. Redoing the roof
  3. Resurfacing the parking lot
  4. Upgrade or Replacement of Pickle Ball Courts

We will begin reserving money for these items.

The next meeting has not been scheduled.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender


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