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Bill Ross


Hi,  I’m Bill Ross.  Currently president and I also handle communications and the web site.

My contact info is:   303-662-1673

Robert Fakkema


I'm Vice President

Contact me at: 360-929-3962

Mary Bolender


Hi, I’m Mary - and I'm the secretary.

Contact me at: 405-698-7580 or


Linda White


Hi, I’m Linda White and I'm the treasurer.

Contact me at: 707-496-0853 or

Monica Hall


Hi, I’m Monica Hall.  I am chairman of the Entertainment Committee.

Contact me at: 313-407-8151 or

Joe Bohr


Hi, I’m Joe Bohr and I handle the maintenance of the facility.

Contact me at: 586-206-8641 or at

Jeff McCown

2020-12-22 Jeff McCown

Hi, I’m Jeff McCown

Contact me at: 303-913-1152 or


Betty Peterson

2020-12-22 Betty Peterson

Hi, I’m Betty Peterson

Contact me at: 602-478-6201 or


Jim Sherbert

2020-12-22 Jim Sherbert

Hi, I’m Jim Sherbert.

Contact me at: 651-295-8669 or