1/6/2021 BOD Meeting Minutes (ZOOM Meeting)


Board Members Present:

Betty Peterson

Jeff McCown

Jim Sherbert

Monica Hall

Linda White

Joe Bohr

Bob Fakkema

Bill Ross

Mary Bolender

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Ross at 3:00 and introductions of current and new board members were made.

It was decided that the board will hold a monthly Zoom meeting at 3:00 PM on the first Wednesday of every month.  The board will also begin using email as the main form of communication among the board and these will be archived should they need to be referenced at a late date.

The first order of business was to discuss changing the dumpster company that the rec. center uses to one that is much less expensive.  Since the club does not have a contract with the current company, a change could be made immediately.  Bob moved that we make the change and Mary seconded it.  Bob will call both companies and make the change.  This should save the club around $3,000/year.

Joe then updated the board on the status of the new pool cover.  The cover cost $8,192 and a deposit of $6,500 was sent on 12/21/20.  The cover should arrive in about 5 weeks.  The winch that works with the cover isn’t functioning because the clutch on it ships.  Joe was able to locate a new clutch on the internet for $430, considerably cheaper than we paid originally, but was told that he could get a clutch repair kit for $17.85.  He bought the kit and hopes that will be sufficient but will order the new clutch if needed.  Jeff then suggested we buy a tarp to protect the pool cover and extend its life and this was approved.  Maintenance has a $500 discretionary limit to purchase necessary items for the club.  Anything above that amount needs the approval of the board.

Discussion continued on cancelling cable tv and replacing it with internet.  This will enable the club to still provide local and streaming tv and install a security system that links to the internet.  Monica has offered to donate a Firestick to equip the tv with streaming ability. The cost of the change will be $1,000 initially to purchase the security equipment and then $80+/ month for internet.  Linda moved that we do this and Joe seconded it.  The motion passed.

Since the Covid -19 recommendation is that groups not gather, we plan to hold the board meetings using Zoom.  We agreed to upgrade to Zoom Pro to allow for unlimited meetings.  Any rec club owners can then join the board  meeting via Zoom.  The cost is $150/ year.

The board discussed the reciprocal dues that flow between the HOA and the rec club.  It was suggested that Bill meet with the HOA president to determine a fair rental amount for the HOA’s use of the club.  A suggestion was made to set a minimum fee with an added charge for additional meetings.

Members have noticed that there are RV’s that occasionally park in the rec club’s parking lot.  It was decided to make and put up 4 or 5 signs saying:

Private Property.  No Overnight Parking.

Member Mark Leonard offered to make the signs.  Bob will ask Mark to design the signs and Bob and Joe will put them up.

Bill assigned additional tasks that were not currently covered by someone on the board:

Betty will join Monica on the Entertainment Committee.  She will also become the expert on Covid Compliance and will handle the hall rentals.

Jim and Bill will handle Communications, and the TV/Internet

Joe and Bob are in charge of Maintenance

Jeff will be in charge of the Badges and the Keys. 

Jim will join Linda on the budget and cost reviews

Mary will continue with the secretarial functions and Linda the bookkeeping/financial issues.

Linda updated the group on the current financial picture. Expenses incurred since the December meeting were $1,400 for landscaping and $6,500 for the pool cover deposit.  There is $27,969.16 in the Chase account and $21,743.99 in the Investment account.  She is hoping to move $10,000 from the Chase account to the Investment account in April when dues statements go out.

The 1099’s will be prepared by January 20 and the Profit & Loss will go to the tax preparer on Feb 1st.  The tax preparer also does a mini audit of the books at that time. The Profit and Loss statement will be posted on the rec club website when ready.

Discussion items for the February meeting include:

Future Roof Repair

Tennis/ Pickleball Court repair

Door Replacements

Other major projects

The 2nd half of the meeting will be dedicated to the budget.

The next meeting will be held via Zoom on February 3, 2021 at 3:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender