Exec Meeting 4/28/2021

Board Members Present:

Bill Ross

Monica Hall

Linda White

Joe Bohr

Bob Fakkema

Betty Peterson

Jeff McCown

Brad Franz

Jim  Sherbert – on Zoom

President Bill Ross  started Meeting by asking everyone to keep things brief today because people have other commitments. 

1.  Brad Franz put together a Condensed Marketing Ideas/Task report to outline ways of attracting new members to the club. 

                Contact all new homeowners in Coyote Lakes that do not have a membership.

                Offer a one time only  membership for $800.   

                Brad wanted to create a sense of urgency to attract members.

                Betty Peterson suggested we do this type of sale two times a year. 

                Members will not lose anything. 

                Jim and Brad suggested open to all Coyote Lakes Homeowners. 

                Bill suggested we create a flyer or some sort of marketing promotion to send out to all HOA.        This is a limited offer for the next 30 days to join the rec club for $800. 

                Linda was concerned about changing the transfer fee from $50 to $400.   

                Higher transfer fee was discussed as being used to pay for maintenance.               

                Betty made a motion to pass this and at was second and voted on.

2.            Organize a regular open house with rotating volunteers to try to reach out to existing      homeowners, or new, to explain the club benefits as well as show folks around.

                Brad said quarterly or monthly or first Saturday of every month. 

                Monica said the Entertainment committee already has two events planned for membership         drive.  Classic Car Show and Community Golf Cart Parade

3.            Order Signs to display to announce Open house and have a footnote at the bottom to real             estate agents that this community HOA does not include Coyote Lakes Recreation Club               membership. 

                Brad wants a sign made up to place at Doo Dah and front entrance to announce the Community Wide Happy Hour to promote membership.

                Jim suggested quarterly

                First one first Saturday in October (2) noon to 4PM – open to all Coyote Lakes residence.

                How are you going to control who goes

                Bill suggested sign should read Coyote Lakes Residence Open House first Saturday of every           quarter.

                Make sure we have a couple of board members at each Open House. 

                Bill suggested we have handout at this first Open House showing all of the benefits of the rec       club.

                4. Produce welcome/marketing video/brochure that includes images of the facilities and                describe the activities.  These could be sent electronically to new home owners or presented in            person at the regular open houses.

                Bill brought up that we need to contact all real estate agents and inform them that the rec            center is a private club and not part of the HOA dues. 

                Bill wants this information in all real estate listings. 

                Bill is working with Missy to make sure people are not advertising their homes

2.  Financial status and billing.

                Billing is ready to be sent.  A letter will be included explaning the new dues and when they are     due.  Members will be billed $300 from July to December.  This will allow us to change the billing          cycle to January to December.  In january they will receive a new bill for 2022 $600.

                Linda also informed us that we can use a credit card for dues payment.  It is not suggested we     do this for everyone because of the high processing fees but if someone is late and that is the            easiest way or really needs to put on a card for financial reasons, we would make an exception.

                Bill suggested we hire someone to do our accounting and collecting debt.  Linda indicated that it                was not a problem and she does this as her gift to the community.

                Linda also explained that every year when taxes are done that the books are audited.

3.  Key Card Access Plan – Bill/Bob

                Will be getting estimates – in the future.

4.  Exercise area is ready to go.  Cost was $1100.  Looks great.

                 This will be announced this weekend email along with Pool Party and Mahjong.  . 

5.  Solar Status – not much to report.  We are considered a commercial building and will look for some      new estimates.

6.  Insurance – reviewed with 2 agents.  Recommend increasing deductible and liability limits.  Add work- out room, pickle ball, ditch pergolas and fences.  Reduce building.  Board indemnify protections       per bylaws.  All members need to be protected by raising umbrella policy. 

                Jim will call another agent to get another estimate. 

7.  Entertainment committee – Monica reported all of the new events planned for fall.  A mailing will be   sent out to save the date. Lots of new activities planned for next year.  Golf tournament and                Pool tournament were suggested for plans with all residents.Details will be coming.

8.  Mack Moxley -paint, cameras, PB nets, clean courts, etc.  He needs to be recognized for this.  Rod Alt and Club history plaque.

9.  Flag pole install team – Jeff – flag pole is ordered.

11.  12 new loungers around pool – Brad.  Purchase approval 10 more (5 sets) if test set is satisfactory. 

10.  Pool update plan – Bob/Brad/Bill.  Stage 1 over summer. 

                Bill took us on a tour of the pool area to show us all what the plan is and what we are planning.  

                 Remove and redistribute rock and soil. install irrigation for 3 landscape cot-outs.  Install lighting.                Pool will be closed for a couple of weeks.  Pour and surface.  Install new cover equipment, move          cover and fill holes.