Meeting summary:  General Meeting April 12 2021 Minutes

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Coyote Lakes Recreation Club

GENERAL MEETING April 12, 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Below is what was discussed.  The complete meeting audio/podcast is available for review at:

1. Welcome & Introduce all Board Members and their positions. Current board members are:
Bill Ross – President (2nd Term ends Dec 2022)
Robert Fakkema – Vice President (finishing out Richard Hoffman’s term ending Dec 2021)
Betty Peterson - Secretary (1st term ends Dec 2023)
Linda White – Treasurer (1st Term ends Dec 2022)
Jeff McCown – Keys, rentals and badges (1st term ends Dec 2023)
Monica Hall - Entertainment (2nd Term ends Dec 2023)
Joe Bohr - Maintenance (1st Term ends Dec 2022)
Jim Sherbert – At large (1st term ends Dec 2021)
Brad Franz – At large (finishing out Mary Bolender’s 1st Term ends Dec 2021)

2. Volunteering – work done was discussed
a. Maintenance
b. Court clean-up
c. Web site/emails
d. Accounting
e. Entertainment

3. Improvements/projects completed in last 6 months was discussed
a. New Pool Cover (Joe)
b. Security Cameras/WiFi (Bill)
c. Signage (Bob)
d. Pool area clean up (Bob)
e. Landscape repair (Bill)
f. Lending library (Monica + Betty)
g. First Aid Kit
h. Beam repairs on exterior front and sides

4. Improvement items planned or for consideration were discussed and included
a. Fitness Center (Monica + Bob)
b. Solar (Monica)
c. Pool Status (Joe + Bob)
d. Court Status (Bob)
e. Maintenance contacts list (Joe + All)
f. Rentals, keys, badges (Jeff)
g. SOPs (Jeff)
h. Roof (Bob + Brad)
i. Insurance

5. Expenses & Budget were reviewed in detail
a. Clubhouse Roof ($10k)
b. Pool Cover Mechanics repair ($7k)
c. Pool rails ($2k)
d. Pool changes for restrooms ($2k)
e. Rekey ($2k) or Access Control ($15k)
f. Workout room ($4k)
g. Temp Court Repairs ($6k)
h. Bocce ball ($5k)
i. Pool area landscaping improvements ($10-$20k)
j. Overall landscaping/irrigation repair & improvements ($20-30k)
k. Increased Insurance ($5k)
l. Updated/new pickleball courts ($100k)

6. President’s Message - State of the Club – discussion and how we got to where we are.

7. Summary and Q & A from attending members was held.