HOA Candidate – Jim Sherbert

All HOA candidates were posted a series of questions. So far, only Jim Sherbert has replied with his answers. They are posted below.

My name is Jim Sherbert.   I am running for the Coyote Lakes HOA board.   Please see my responses to the questions listed below. 

Questions for the candidates for Coyote Lakes HOA Board – NOT THE REC CENTER – (we’ll post answers when received):

  1. If elected, will you allow your phone # & email address to be listed appropriately on our website?   I would allow my contact info to be located on a secure (members only) section of the web site.     I also would support a common email being set up that would allow a member to connect with the entire board regarding an issue, rather than just an individual board member.    In order to foster full transparency, I believe all communications should go to the entire board rather than an individual board member.   This should reduce any acts of favoritism and also allow the board to operate as one collective voice and decision making body.
  2. Did you support the recent dues increase?   I do NOT support the recent dues increase.    I strongly appose the increase.   
  3. Would you support the Board Chair asking for input from those in attendance immediately prior to their voting on motions?   I would very much support getting owner feedback from the attendees before voting on motions.  I would also support taking non binding votes by the membership prior to the board voting on an issue, and recording the results in the meeting minutes.   
  4. Are you familiar with Roberts Rules of order, and would you support using them as a basis for conducting Board/HOA meetings?   I know of Roberts Rules of order, but not any of the details.    I would support following following them if they make sense and do not conflict with the current by-laws.  
  5. Do you support our current HOA website, and if not, do you have any thoughts on what might be used to replace it? (Rumor has it that the software provider will soon no longer support it, and it is ‘going away’)  Would you support the free creation of ONE email address that would be forwarded to EACH Board member and our Coyote Lakes  CCMC Community Manager for ease of communications? Example: clhoa at gmail.com     I do support having a web site for HOA.   I am open for improvements that make it easier for ALL members to communicate with each other and the board members.    This would need to be looked into to see what makes the most sense in regard to starting over or improving upon what we already have in place.     see question #1 regarding support for one email that goes to all board members.   
  6. In your opinion, what is the role of the Coyote Lakes HOA Board with the Pavilions at Coyote Lakes Association?  Are you aware of who owns what property comprising those two entities?  Who sets the “rules” for what either one can do?     I know of the Pavilions, but I admit I am not that knowledgeable about the history of this relationship.    I would certainly be interested in learning more about it.  
  7. The entrance from Bell Road in not the original one; are you knowledgeable as to the relationship between the Coyote Lakes HOA, the Pavilions HOA  and the City with respect to that entranceway?    Again,  similar to question #6,  I would need to learn more about this issue.   
  8. Are you familiar with and aware of ARS Title 32 which covers HOA’s and property?   I am not, but I am willing to learn.   Please send me a link to this info. 
  9. Your position on home rentals within our HOA?    In the interest of full disclosure,  we own a rental home here in Coyote Lakes.   I would continue to support our current polices regarding home rentals. 
  10. Will you pledge to operate in a transparent manner and follow Arizona Open Meetings Laws?   I believe in full transparency and would fully support running the board in a fully transparent manner and follow AZ open meeting laws.