Go to your bank web site, select pay bills.

Add the Rec Club as a payee as shown below just like you would any other bill you pay electronically.

Set up payee as:


P.O. BOX 1766

Be sure to include your address like 12345 CoyoteLakesPky (or part) as the advice so we credit it to the correct account.


Would you like to use the rec club clubhouse for a private event?  Public rentals are WELCOME!  Click here to download a copy of the rental agreement.  We'll block out the clubhouse for your event.


Members and their guests may use the clubhouse anytime without making a reservation unless a private party or scheduled event/activity is scheduled or in progress.

MEMBERS Exclusive use - Click here to download the rental agreement.

Scheduled events/activities:

Club sponsored activities may invite and pay for outside instructors.  There is no charge for clubhouse rental for these activities provided all attendees are members or their invited guests.  No rental contract is required for these activities.

Paid Rentals – members or outside - private parties may invite any guests desired.  These events require a rental contract.

Non-paid member activities may invite members and guests who are not eligible for membership.  Guests who qualify for membership cannot be invited to non-paid events (see above).  These events require a rental contract.

Rec Center Bylaws - Our Governing Document  Click here to download a PDF copy.

Memberships For Sale!  Click here.


Click here to download a PDF copy.

HOURS:                Clubhouse will be open for use from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. except for special events

PROPER CONDUCT:  Members are to conduct themselves in a manner which will not interfere with other Members or their guest’s enjoyment of the Club.  Obnoxious or abusive language and rude or boisterous behavior is prohibited.

GUESTS:  (see bylaws Article IV, 1)  Use of Club facilities and participation in its social and recreational activities shall be limited to Members, their dependents and guests, and Member Designees and their dependents and guest.  Guests must be accompanied by a Member and may not be residents of Coyote Lakes (see Abuse of Rules).  A Member over 18 years of age must accompany guests and dependents.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their dependents, guests and Member Designees.  No dependent or guest shall enjoy greater privileges to that which the host Member is entitled.

SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse.

WEAPONS:  No weapons are allowed on the Recreation Club property.

DRESS:  Casual attire is allowed however, no golf shoes in the Clubhouse.

PETS:  Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse, pool or court areas at any time.

PERSONAL PROPERTY:  The Club will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any property of any Member or guest.

HOUSEKEEPING:  Areas used by Members, dependents and guests need to be left in the condition it was in prior to use.


POOL ACCESS:  Pool will be open from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

REGISTRATION:  A key will be provided for the members.  Anyone other than Members or guests cannot use these keys.

SAFETY:  All persons using the swimming pool must abide by the pool safety rules as posted in the area.

POOL ATTIRE:  Proper swimwear must be worn.  No nude swimming or sun bathing.  Any child not potty trained must wear diapers designed for pool use.

RESTROOMS AND SHOWER AREA:  Members must leave area clean and use waste receptacles for their rubbish.

CHILDREN:  All children under the age of 16 (and all minors who are unable to swim) must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times when in the pool area.

ILLNESS, MEDICAL CONDITIONS:  Persons are not permitted in the pool if they have a cold, cough, fever, contagious illness, inflamed eyes, skin rashes, or wearing bandages.



  1. Running, wrestling, pushing, rough-housing and towel snapping are not permitted anywhere in the pool area, including the shower area.
  2. Snorkels, fins, masks, kick boards, weights and inflatable devices are permitted in the pool. If the pool is crowded and these devices are causing a nuisance, then it may be necessary to remove them from the pool.
  3. No diving is permitted.
  4. Food and beverages may be consumed at poolside as long as everyone picks up after themselves and do not leave food scraps on the pool decking. Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere in the pool area.  All trash is to be placed in the containers provided.
  5. No glass containers are allowed poolside.
  6. Radios and tape players may be used as long as the music does not infringe on the rights and privileges of others.
  7. Volleyball, water aerobics, lap swimmers, etc. must be considerate of others using the pool.

TENNIS:  Courts are to be used by Members and their guests.  Hours are the same as pool and Club House…5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.  No bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, etc. are allowed on the tennis courts.  No glass containers are allowed on the courts.

HORSESHOES AND SHUFFLEBOARD:  Use of both at Member’s discretion.  Equipment is available in the Game Room in the Clubhouse.

NOTIFICATION OF VIOLATIONS:  The Recreation Club Board shall be notified of violations and shall prepare a written notice within 30 days of an infraction, describing the violations, noting all parties involved and specifying the penalty established.  This notice shall be mailed to the Member and a copy of the notice shall be placed in the Member’s file.


GUEST RULE:  If any Member invited a non-member that lives in Coyote Lakes to the Clubhouse, the following shall take place:

  1. A written notice specifying the abuse will be sent to the violator.  A copy will be kept in the Recreation Club files, specifying the violation.  The fine will be $100.00.
  2. The violator has 30 days to pay the fine or appeal the violation to the Board in wiring.
  3. If failing to pay or appeal after 30 days, all privileges will be suspended until the fine is paid.
  4. After 6 months, if the fine is not paid, membership will be revoked without reimbursement.

Other violations will be dealt with as follows:

  1. Verbal reminder
  2. Written notification
  3. Monetary fine determined by the Recreation Board. Proceeds of fine to be returned to the Recreation Club.

It is no longer required to cover the pool.  We now have a daily pool service that will check the chemicals and close the pool.

Coyote Lakes Recreation Club Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is one of the most popular features of the Recreation Club

The pool is open for use year round. The pool  is cleaned by a professional pool service twice a week.  Between cleanings debris may blow into pool. A net on a poll is available on the south wall of the pool area for scooping out debris.

The pool is heated in winter for greater comfort. A cover is used from November to March to help keep the pool warm.

There are many rules for pool use to maintain safety and maximum enjoyment by all members.

Pool Rules

1) The pool is to be used by recreation club members and their out of town visitors only. Each member has been provided a key to unlock the main gate. For safety and control the pool gate MUST BE CLOSED at all times. It should not be propped open . Violation of this rule may result in the pool being closed down by the county pool inspectors.

2) Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times when in pool area. No running ,pushing, or shoving.  is allowed. No diving into pool.

3) No smoking is allowed in the pool area.

4) No pets are allowed in pool area except service animals.

5) No glass in pool area. Please put all trash in proper containers.

6) No 120V electrical equipment in pool area.