Virtual Board Meeting Minutes 10/13/2020

Board Meeting 10/13/2020


                                                BOARD MEETING

                                              October 13, 2020

Board Members Present:

Rod Alt

Monica Hall

Linda White

Joe Bohr

Bob Fakkema

Mary Bolender

The Zoom meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by President Rod Alt

Treasurer’s Report:

The club is currently holding a cash balance of $67,688.35. $46,004.46 is held in the Chase account and $21,683.89 in the investment account.  At the end of the billing cycle the plan is to move money from the Chase account to the investment account as the club begins to reserve funds for use in the roof repair that will be needed within the next few years.  Per Joe, the roof has been inspected and is fine at this time.

Secretary’s Report:

There are currently 215 certificates issued.  This includes 11 memberships on the For-Sale list, leaving 204 active memberships. Three of those memberships were placed on the Sale list after the bylaws were changed in 2019 and they are subject to annual dues.

Maintenance Report:

Joe reported that the thermostats in the club air conditioners required new batteries.  The instant hot water system began leaking and Joe was able to find the parts and the repair was made.  A pool pump also failed.  The pool repair man was able to replace the pump and all is working well.

Linda mentioned that the pool permit has been received and Joe will post it.


Earlier this summer  there were some cases of the clubhouse doors being left unlocked when people left.  An email was sent to the membership reminding them of the importance of locking the clubhouse.  Since then there have been no new incidents reported.  Linda suggested that there be a security check list inside the clubhouse and If a board member is near, he or she could do a quick check of the doors and note it on the list.

The board will continue the security discussion when all the board members have returned.  This will include discussing the option of getting internet installed in the clubhouse to allow for security cameras and monitoring.

Entertainment Committee:

Monica said that the plans for the Fall Car Show will not be going forward at this time and that a memo will be sent to the members relaying this information.  It may be rescheduled in February.

The November monthly planned activity will be to decorate the clubhouse for the holidays followed by a Christmas parade of golf carts.

The annual Christmas party in December will include two separate seatings for dinner to allow for social distancing. 

During the summer the Entertainment Committee purchased pool umbrellas that attach to the back of the pool chairs and can be moved where needed.  Monica will track how well they hold up with use.

Monica looked into the possibility of putting up a parallel pool rail opposite the rail that is there currently.  She believes it will make it easier to enter and exit the pool.  She will bring a proposal to the next meeting.

New Business:

Ron Richey has formed a nominating committee for new board members.  There are currently 4 open slots.  Monica has completed her first 3-year term and has agreed to run again.  The new board members will be announced at the end of the annual meeting to be held December 7th at 7 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bolender